4 Quick Paddle Tennis Tips For Every Player

paddle tennis tips

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Paddle Tennis Tip One:

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To increase your flexibility and muscle strength, do not only concentrate on the leg muscles but also work on the abdominal muscles as well. This is the major muscle group that you need to focus on as a strong foundation. Also, it can prevent injuries and repetitive strain injury. Do not push your body beyond its limits when playing paddle tennis.

Paddle Tennis Tip Two:

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In terms of the stroke, always stroke the ball with an upstroke. This is to create power and generate faster topspin. This will enable you to generate drive and lift the ball for topspin and spin.

Paddle Tennis Tip Three:

For best results, have a specific game plan when playing against another player. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and plan on how you are going to exploit them. For example, if your opponent has strong forearms, then you should go for a grab. This is a very strong shot because not only does it send the ball towards the opposite side of the court, but also it will send the ball back on the opposite side of the net. The beauty of this shot is that the paddle strokes will help you get the ball back quickly and get it back high in the air again.

Paddle Tennis Tips:

You should start your game by serving the ball out wide. When playing against an aggressive opponent, start the server from long range. If you start the server from a short-range, it will be difficult for your opponent to read your services unless you are both quite good. Start playing a bit defensive, especially when you are playing someone who has more experience than you. Don’t play too aggressively. Let your opponent earn their points but don’t be afraid to go aggressive when it’s necessary.

Paddle Tennis Tip Four:

The next move after you have served the first point of the game is to get some returns. Most people tend to hold on to their leads for too long. This causes them to lose ground in the game and get frustrated. When you start getting comfortable with your lead, then you can take advantage of the mistakes your opponent makes. Always try to keep an even lead on your opponent.

Paddle Tennis Tips: When playing defense, don’t let your opponent get too many chances to hit the ball. Always play defense first. If he attacks you with his shots, then you need to be ready to go offense first and then drop your serve. Be sure not to fall into the trap of playing defense all the time because it will hurt your game.

Bottom Line

These four paddling tennis tips should help anyone become a better tennis player. Always be trying to improve yourself no matter where you are. Tennis can be very frustrating at times, but if you learn to manage your anger, you can play tennis with more confidence. If you stay patient and practice a lot, you will eventually make your way to the top of the ladder.

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