5 Most Stylish Tennis Players Of The Open Era

Tennis is not just about ruthless intensity and energy. The game is also full of grace, style, and fashion. Tennis players are regarded as global icons. They are not only admired for their talent but also the way they carry themselves. Famous sports and apparel brands are also endorsed by many stylish tennis players. In this, we look at some of the most popular and followed all-time style icons in tennis. 

Bjorn Borg: Stylish Tennis Players

5 Most Stylish Tennis Players of the Open Era

He was truly the first rock-star in the game of tennis. Borg revolutionized the sport in the 1970s through his precocious talent and unmatched style. The Super Swede let the audience go gaga by his long hair, charismatic looks, his polo t-shirt and shorts along with the stylish sweatband. Borg was indeed one of the most stylish tennis players to play the game. His cool demeanor and ice blood like temperament even in extremely tense situations made him undoubtedly one of the most graceful and stylish tennis players of his era. 

Andre Agassi: Stylish Tennis Players

5 Most Stylish Tennis Players of the Open Era

The American superstar of the 1990s perfectly fits the definition of a talented and stylish tennis player. Agassi was famous for the long wig and colorful tennis outfits that he put on the court. He is known as the trendsetter in tennis by wearing those colorful clothes that were novel to his times. Andre also presented himself with a brash and cool dude like appearance which made him attract a lot of female attention. He later married the graceful and shy Steffi Graf making them one of the most loved tennis couples. 

Roger Federer

5 Most Stylish Tennis Players of the Open Era

The Swiss maestro needs no introduction in terms of tennis achievements and records. Federer is also one of the most graceful and stylish tennis players. This Swiss mixes charm and royal appearance especially with those stylish white outfits on the courts of Wimbledon. Federer wearing the white blazer as he walked across the Wimbledon centre court during the 2000s was one of the best sights in tennis. The choice of simple, subtle and comfort based outfits makes Roger one of the most stylish tennis players even in his late 30s. 

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis: 25 Majors in 23 Years | Tennis Channel

One of the most iconic and stylish tennis players of the 1990s Martina always had a refreshing look on her face. Hingis had some unique fashion choices like those stylish skirts with frills, the tank tops and static dresses with bright colors. The Swiss starlet would carry all her outfits with style and comfort. She was truly a youth icon all through her illustrious career. Along with style, Hingis was also gifted with an amazing natural talent for the game. She achieved a lot of success n both singles and doubles. 

Maria Sharapova 

Fashion Files: Maria Sharapova - Sports Illustrated

Easily the most glamorous female tennis star of the last 2 decades, Sharapova was a thing of beauty on the tennis court. She carried that feminine grace combined with raw intensity and passion on the tennis court. Maria’s choice of outfits on and off the court has been a trendsetter for her fans. Her choice of bright tennis gear, stylish visors and glamorous shots make the Russian among the most stylish tennis players. She also carries herself with a lot of grace and elegance.

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