8 Pro Table Tennis Tips To Become An Advanced Player

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Want to become a pro player in table tennis? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a regular player, but what all matters is the “techniques”. They are the only key to win the whole match. Here we are going to tell you how you can improve your game through these table tennis tips. 

The Best Table Tennis Tips For You 

1. Master The Basics 

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Basic is the foremost step in every game. This helps to win over your toughest opponent. Take some time to learn how to handle the paddle bat properly, how to move your feet, and the tactics of different spins. Remember your weak points and constantly practice until they become your strength.

2. Spin Is Your Best Friend

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Practicing spin, in the beginning, is difficult, but it helps you to beat any player at any skill level. 

Points to remember:

  • Keep looking at your opponent’s paddle as they return the ball because the ball will bounce off in the same direction when you touch it with your bat.
  • When the bat of the opponent is moving low to high, its topspin, and when the opponent is moving high to low, it’s backspin. Right to left, its left spin and vice-versa.
  • Check on the ball gauge speed. This means the spin will have a greater effect and vice-versa.

3. At The Time Of Stroke Move Your Whole Body

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When you are going for a stroke, move your whole body, and maintain the balance. The body weight would have a great impact on the ball. The power and consistency of the body will transfer the ball faster. 

4. Keep Your Swing Short

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You might have a habit of taking a long swing in basketball and golf but in table tennis. A short swing will give you a greater advantage. In a longer swing, you will have chances of error, and it incapacitates. Both the backhand and the right hand used in the shot will have a powerful swing to get you back in the position more quickly. This allows you to be more accurate and precise. Only use a long swing when it’s time for offensive topspin shots.

5. Make A Habit Of Sidespin Serve

Top players use side spin almost at every serve. Sidespin is always combined with either topspin or backspin; pure sidespin is extremely rare in table tennis. Sidespin will be particularly useful in low to the net and bounce twice on the other side of the table.

6. Your Return Should Be Low Over The Net

As usual, the one exception to this is if you use lobs, you will want to place the ball very high over the net (and as close to the end of the table as possible). Lower over the net as you place your shots, the less angle your opponent can use, the harder it is for them to hit it with power.

7. Utilize Different Heights

When you bounce the table tennis ball, and it’s on the way up. You can shoot the hit just before it reaches its maximum height for quick stroke. This will make the opponent unprepared, and you will gain points.

When the ball bounced and hit the ball, before it hit the ball, it would make a large forearm swing before the impact. Forehand loops are most effective at this height.

8. Stay Cool And Stay Patient

The game is more psychological as it is physical. The player gets into the habit of trying to smash the table tennis ball each time as it comes to ends. Wait calmly for the opponent to shoot the ball and stay focused. While Focusing, make sure the shot is short, quick, and powerful and may not go high over the net.


These above Table tennis tips are crucial and then followed up in the correct sequence, which will make you a pro player. This game needs focus and accuracy to win. Also, have notice of your opponent. They are the best mindset that allows you to practice and win over them through their tactics.

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