Basic Rules Of Tennis For Beginners- What You Need To Know

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Are you a tennis beginner? Whether you are a tennis beginner or an advanced player, you should focus on the rules. Even if you have both geared up and warmed up, you still need to know all the tennis basics before you step onto the court and play. Tennis is a physically taxing sport that requires every muscle group of your body to work in tandem for a long time.

Furthermore, tennis is a mental game that requires players to think quickly and decide which is the best shot they use to win the point. Therefore, the more you practice the tennis fundamentals, the more you can hone your abilities as a tennis player and improve your game exponentially. Let’s back on track; we talked about the basic rules of tennis for beginners that every player must know.

Keep It Inside The Lines- Basic Rules Of Tennis For Beginners

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The service must always land over the net and within the opponent’s opposite service box for single tennis. If the ball meets the net and still lands in the appropriate service box, it is called a “let.” And in that situation, the server gets to start over from the first serve again. Besides, if the ball technically lands outside the box, as long as any part of it still touches the line, it is still in play.

Keep Score

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Tennis has a unique scoring system, and it is important to keep track of your points to determine who will win. This is because the server always says their score first, even if it is lower than their opponent’s.

Avoid Touching The Net

If any part of you or your racket physically touches the net at any time during a point, you will automatically lose. The net is the equal divider between both sides, and any alteration to its positioning (even accidental) is not allowed.

Hold Onto Your Racket

Your racket must stay in your hands at all times; if you drop or throw the racket at the ball, you will lose the point. You can only return the ball with your racket and no other part of your body.

Hit The Ball After One Bounce

You can only hit the ball at one bounce; once the ball bounces twice, the point is over. If you clip the ball and it lands in front of you again, the ball does not reach your opponent’s side, and the point is over.

A Ball In The Air Is A Ball In-Play

Even if your opponent makes contact unintentionally with the ball or hits a part of their body before the bounce, it is still in play. It is because a ball can not be called until it bounces.


By learning these basic rules of tennis for beginners, you are ready to play tennis. Playing tennis is beneficial in various aspects to both your mind and body. For example, it improves your balance, hand-eye coordination, and agility. Besides, tennis’s footwork and upper body movement can help keep you healthy and in shape and reduce stress.

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