Best Five Multifilament Strings Today

Best Five Multifilament Strings Today

Multifilament strings have been around recently. They are known for their power and comfort. These multi tennis strings help in reducing discomfort in colder climatic conditions. Take a look at some of these tremendous multifilament strings that can be right for your game.

Best Synthetic Multifilament Strings

Tourna Quasi- Gut Armor

Tourna is one of the famous brands. This brand is popular in coming to polyester strings and overgrips. This brand makes two good options for the players. They are:

  • Quasi-Gut
  • Quasi Gut Armor

Quasi-Gut Armor is long in durability and has control in response while playing. Quasi-Gut will be also comfortable and also responsive for most players. The foremost difference between those two is layers of co-polyester ribbon wraps. It gives a string that can break the strings, but it is more comfortable to play the game. It comes in a 16G and also 17G.

Best Five Multifilament Strings Today
Best Five Multifilament Strings Today

Yonex Rexis

This brand is trendy and the newest to the market. It is one of the brands that are high-end multifilament strings. They gear up to help the players to generate power. It is the best synthetic tennis strings that maintain comfort while playing.

They use a process named FRF that fills in the multifilament strings gaps with the flexible material. By taking this process help, the strings get more elasticity and get robust in structure.

Most importantly, it features plasma bonding. It helps in improving the ball speed and durability. It comes in 16G and 16L that is 1.25 mm. The only available colors are white and black.

Multifilament Strings Wilson NXT

It is one of the most populous brands in the world. Almost every player has heard about this best synthetic tennis strings ever. It was awarded number one for its playability in 1999. It remained at first position since then. This string has numerous followers for its comfort and playability. The unique style of this Wilson NXT is Xycro Micro Fibers.

It helps in increasing the sweet spot by ten percent. It also reduces shock by 74 percent to the players. Tennis players, who like to seek natural performance from a synthetic construction, need to try these high strings. You can get this as a set and comes in 16G and 17G. This brand is famous for other strings named Wilson NXT Duramax.

Tecnifibre NRG2

You can this Technifibre NRG2 strings in a traditional way. It loads up with comfort and power. You can see Elastyl fibers on the outside layer. It gives 12 percent more power than your standard strings. It improves resistance and durability. You can buy these strings as a set or reel and comes in 16G, 18G, and 17G.

Best Five Multifilament Strings Today
Best Five Multifilament Strings Today

Solinco Vanquish

Solinco is one of the best brands that can be seen in the market. It got its fame through polyester strings in the market. Two strings can give players more spin and firm. This brand is making firmer strings but well in filling the gap between powers, touch, and control.

A great comfort feel can form as its core is made of soft polyamide. The outer part coats to give a firm look with more durability. It is one of the best choices for the players when you rely on generating their power. It comes in 16G.

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