Customized And Pre-Made Paddle Tennis Gear

A person hitting a ball with a racket

A good ping pong paddle or paddle tennis gear is essential if you want to enjoy playing the game and also improve your skills in it. A ping pong paddle is also known as a table tennis racket or a bat and depending upon the place where you stay, you can call it a racket or a paddle. There are many premade paddles available in the market and there is also an option to get your customized paddles made. With so many options, it often gets confusing in choosing the right one.

Sometimes, you are unable to improve your skills or play as well as your opponent only because you do not have a good racket suitable for your style. This does not mean that you need to invest in a very expensive custom-made racket, as there are many good premade rackets available too.

 If you are unsure whether you should use a customized paddle tennis gear or a pre-made one, then mentioned below is everything you need to know about both the kinds: 

What are ‘premade’ and ‘custom’ paddle tennis gear?

  • The premade ping pong paddles already have their rubbers attached to their blades. The manufacturer attaches the rubber before hand and you get the ready piece in the market.
  • In a custom made table tennis bat, you need to buy all the components separately and assemble them yourself. These components include a blade with the handle, rubbers (red and black) and a specialist glue to attach the rubbers to the table. Sometimes you need to buy this glue separately.

Pros and Cons of a Premade paddle tennis gear

These rackets are cheaper than custom-made rackets. They are easily available in any sports shop.

These save time and effort in fixing all the parts together and you don’t have to spend money on specialized glue as the rubbers are pre-assembled. However, these rackets have a strong minus point too. You cannot upgrade the blades or the rubbers as they cannot be removed. Sometimes, when the rackets are kept packed in the shop for a long time, they tend to deteriorate over a period of time. You do not come to know about the quality of the racket before opening and this leads to money wastage.

Pros and Cons of a Custom made table tennis bats

These rackets are best suited for professionals as they can get their paddles custom made according to their style and stroke. It is possible to upgrade the rubbers and the blades as and when needed. The quality is also much better as these rackets are costly. For beginners, these rackets are not recommended as they are very costly and a person should first analyze his skill and interest in the game before investing in a costly custom-made racket. These rackets are also not available everywhere and one need to get them made in shops exclusively selling custom-made paddles or rackets. Custom-made rackets also cannot be made by anyone and everyone as you need proper skills and knowledge of rubbers and blades before designing one. It is always better to choose custom-made rackets with the ITTF stamp approval. ITTF is the International Table Tennis Federation, which decides on the quality of the rubber. This international body has the authority to decide on the quality of a rubber on the paddle and whether it is fit to be used in competition. ITTF stamp signifies a certain level of quality and consistency, which is very worthwhile for professional table tennis players.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that ‘buying right is better than buying something cheap. Some premade rackets are really good. So, if you are a beginner, it is wise to first invest in a good pre-made racket and then as you learn the skills of the game, invest in a custom-made paddle. 

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