How To Improve Your Serve And Volley Skills

How to improve your Serve and Volley Skills

Tennis is currently more dominated by the baseline counterpunching. This is mostly due to the slow nature of many courts. However the serve and volley continue to be one of the most prolific and artistic tennis skills. Every tennis pro player desires to master this great art to add more dimensions to his or her game. Professional tennis players thrive on diversity and variety in their game style. In this article we tell you how to improve the technique which is a great combination of excellent serving and artistic volleying skills. 

Serve Deep and Fast: Improving Serve And Volley Skills

How to improve your Serve and Volley Skills

The foundation of serve and volley greatly depends upon how good a player can serve. If your service is not accurate then the opponent will either wrong foot you or hit the return deep. This will mean that either you completely miss the return shot or there is no room to play the follow-up volley. Serve is thus the first of the tennis skills you need to execute an effective volley. All great tennis players who are known for their great serve and volley had a great first serve.

 Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, and Roger Federer are a few to mention. They take a lot of confidence in their service, hitting it hard, deep, and fast. Sampras was nicknamed Pistol for his flat and fast serves.  You should also adapt the art of mixing your serves. You can have a kick serve, a flat serve, a slice serve. The variety will make it difficult for the opponent to guess. This can ensure you are always one step ahead in the serve and volley technique.

Control on the Volley

Death of a tennis art: Is this the end for serve and volley? - CNN

The art of volleying is one of the most difficult tennis skills. It can easily cost you an unforced error. Good volleys require soft hands and graceful touch. You need to see the ball to the very last moment and play it as softy as you can. This will ensure that the ball lands inside the court in a position where the opponent finds it difficult to return. Such tennis skill requires a tremendous amount of practice to be polished. It should also be executed in the right posture and position. Many times the volleys will crash into the net due to bad execution. 

Footwork and Net Game

Roger Federer says players should serve and volley more

Serve and volley is not just about tennis skills. There is an element of confidence in playing that shot effectively. A player should have a lot of confidence to come to the net and execute the play. A small mistake in terms of timing or placement will give the opponent too much time and court space to push the passing shot behind you. Serve and volley thus is a mixture of tennis skills and confidence.  It is truly a rare and graceful art in tennis.

Footwork plays a great role in most of the important tennis skills. The effective serve and volley also depend on great footwork. Players who have control over the feet will confidently come to the net and score a winner. The serve and volley thus is the fusion of many tennis skills and techniques to be effective, precise, and perfect. 

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