How To Play Tennis Without Tennis Injuries?

Tennis can be a pretty daunting and taxing sport. It involves marathon matches and long practice sessions to ensure constant improvement in the game. This means that players can get many tennis injuries during their careers. Constant injuries take a mental toll on the tennis players by keeping them out of the tour for many important events.  In this article, we tell you about the tips of playing tennis injury-free and thus prolonging your career. 

Wear Right Gear

How to play tennis without tennis injuries?
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Most tennis injuries can be prevented by wearing proper and good quality tennis gear. While playing tennis matches or practicing it is important to wear arm pads, knee pads and good quality shoes. This prevents foot injuries while you run and chase the balls. Also while diving and sliding the arm and knee pads prevent any sort of tennis injuries on the bone that can otherwise prove costly. 

Tennis players often stress on using good quality aids and apparel. The use of improper tennis shoes and socks often results in skin allergies and may prolong into an athlete’s foot. The chances of that happening are more in long matches and training sessions due to constant sweat and moisture deposition. 

Right Tennis Technique

How to play tennis without tennis injuries?
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The great Roger Federer is well known for having very few tennis injuries in his 20-year long career. This is largely due to his fluid and easy style of playing tennis. The adaptation of the right technique thus becomes very important to minimize the chances of tennis injuries. Your game should be more based on timing rather than only the raw power hitting. 

The better serving technique reduces the stress on the elbow and forearm. Also hitting aggressive shots like forehand and backhand via timing rather than raw power will lessen the chances of injuries on the knee and back injuries. Thus better technique and posture during playing are very important for playing tennis the right way. It will ensure a long career free of tennis injuries. 

The Off-Season Training and Warm-Ups

This is one of the most crucial ways of preventing tennis injuries as much as possible. In the off-season tennis players concentrate much on building proper schedules, doing the right exercises and getting the necessary rehab to stay fit. This helps to play injury-free tennis during the long regular season. 

Also equally important to ensure lesser tennis injuries is the pre-practice and pre-match warm-up. This is why great players like Rafael Nadal have a rigorous warm-up ethic before they start playing tennis matches. This prepares your body, loosens your muscles and minimizes the chances of muscle stress and tennis injuries. This is why a light warm-up is important before playing tennis either during matches or in the intense practice sessions. 

These are the most essential tips for young players to minimize their tennis injuries to ensure a long and successful career in the sport. As a young player you must develop a proper technique to play the game effectively. It will ensure less stress on the body along with improvement in the overall game.

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