How to Promote Your Free Tennis Gear

free tennis gear

What is the best way to get free tennis gear? Many people don’t realize that many of the top brands offer free products. These are usually tennis shoes and clothes. You can get these items anywhere that sports equipment is sold. For example, if you live in Tennessee and buy a tennis shoe there, you can get free tennis gear from them, as long as you play tennis and they sell tennis shoes.

The Basics 

Tennis Gear

There are several ways you can get free tennis gear. First off, if you are an Australian Open tennis player, you can use the sponsor discounts provided by the event to get equipment. There are several ways that these sponsors get to sponsor the Aussie Open, and many of the top Aussies that compete in the tournaments get free tennis gears.

If you are an Aussie and you go to the event and purchase one or more balls, you can receive a free tennis giveaway. This usually happens if you buy one or more balls with the promotional imprinted logo from the event. You also get to pick up one of the red Aussie shirts (the colors of the event) and one of their polo shirts (the colors of the team).

Best Giveaways 

Tennis Gear

One of the most amazing free giveaways that you can get if you go to an Aussie Open is if you enter one of the draw drawings for the grand prize. If you win the draw for the grand prize, you will be automatically receive a free tennis set. If you are an active participant in the Aussie Open, you can go to any of the courts on the main and practice your game. You can then take any of the free tennis gear with you to the next court and show it off to your friends. It is really cool because you never know when you will hit it off and win a big prize.

There are different ways to win a free tennis gear. Some people enter into draws for the grand prize while others enter for the freebies. Remember, if you win a draw for a free tennis set, you will also be entered into a drawing for a free tennis towel or socks. The person who wins these drawings will usually be chosen at random. Remember to read all of the rules for the draws before you participate.

Tennis apparel, including socks, is one of the most expensive sports accessories. However, you do not have to break the bank when you go to the Vancouver Tennis Center to get some of the best deals on sporting equipment. You can shop at the tennis center and get a free tennis kit that includes socks, shorts and vests.

Tennis apparel such as socks can be used again and never have to be replaced. This makes them a great promotional item. To make your March madness free tennis gear giveaway even sweeter, you can announce the winner and provide additional details about the person who wins it.

Gifting Ideas 

You can announce that the first person to win a free set of Australian Open racquets will receive a matching gift. For example, if someone purchases a racquet for you, then they will also receive an extra packet of strings. The idea here is to give something away that the customer will not just use on the day of the tournament, but will also keep and use for many months. If they keep their string advantage, then they might be able to win a future tournament.

If your company sponsors a local sports team, then you could announce that in your ad. You can also promote free tennis gear giveaways during team games and tournaments. As you probably know, most sports teams have very dedicated fans. They are your new customers.

If you are in the business of selling sporting goods, you can advertise your free tennis gear giveaway for any time of year. If you have tennis courts all over the country, you could announce a promo run for the month of January. You could also announce a promo run for the summer months of March and April. There is no end to the possibilities.


When you sponsor a sporting event, whether it is a tennis tournament or a local recreational activity, you need to promote the event heavily in order to get your name out there. Tennis is a very popular sport, especially in the United States. If you want to promote free tennis gear, all you have to do is make announcements about your promotional offers. All of your local competitors will want to work with you if you make a good deal.

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