Importance Of Maintaining Paddle Tennis Rules

Human lives are now busier and more hectic with every passing phase of life. Moreover, man is engrossed in work to an incredible extent. There is no time to take a break from the daily routine. In this situation, games and recreation are very important. One can stay fit only through regular games amidst work. This makes a person healthy from inside. Tennis, however, is an important game along with others. Furthermore, the Paddle Tennis Rules are crucial too. One should be completely aware of the Paddle Tennis Rules before going for the game. 

The MEaning Of Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is a game which requires a smaller court for the game. Unlike regular tennis, Paddle Tennis involves a paddle to oppose the racquet. Besides, the tennis ball has to be depressurized for this kind of game. This is an ancient game. And the paddle tennis court gives in for both singles and doubles. This game has been very popular for years. However, with time, it is gaining even better grounds all across the globe. Local leagues and tournaments are quite frequently arranged. However, the Paddle Tennis Rules make this game very interesting in itself.

Paddle Tennis Rules And Their Implications

The court of the Paddle Tennis is almost similar to that of regular tennis. You can enjoy this fantastic game under the open sky. Therefore, the beach sand area gives in for some fun-filled Paddle Tennis. The court exhibits a size of a fifty-foot baseline. A twenty-feet line broadway counterparts this complementarity. The paddle tennis net is quite smaller. It needs to be fit at a neat 31 inches whatsoever. Additionally, the Paddle Tennis Rules require all players to position themselves behind the refrain line before the game begins.

It is a fact that four players at a time can play the game of Paddle Tennis. The Paddle Tennis Rules require players to serve underhand. No second serve is allowed. However, if the ball happens to land within the bounds, one can go for a second serve. This rule is quite similar to that of the rules in regular tennis. The Paddle Tennis Rules fixes the matches at five sets. The method of scoring here remains the same as that of in tennis. 

Essentials Of Tennis According to Paddle Tennis Rules


According to the Paddle Tennis Rules, the paddle should not have any string on it. However, there is allowance for the Perforated paddles for this purpose. Besides, you should depressurize the balls. The net should be fit at a lower level than regular tennis. Moreover, people generally use both east and west coast styles of a tennis court. There must be a set of walls too. However, if the ball touches these fences or walls whatsoever, then there is no point in playing. 

The server should stand beyond the service line. Wherein, the returner may position himself anywhere in the court. The server needs first to bounce the ball. After that, he has to hit below the waist level. 


Paddle tennis is quite a popular game amongst all. However, the Paddle Tennis Rules make this game worth a try for all and sundry. One can enjoy this kind of a game any time on the beach or any other open area. By maintaining the Paddle Tennis Rules, one can straightway love this game in no time.

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