Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game

Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game

Indoor tennis is a different type of game. However, both indoor and outdoor tennis is called Racquet sport. Moreover, indoor tennis is the most popular game, especially during weather change. They play on different surfaces like hard court, grass, or clay. The playing surface has tactics because of the ball when it bounces every time its behavior varies. It is an active and competitive game. Also, it is more aggressive and helps with the pinpoint location. Moreover, indoor tennis favors the players to attack at the earliest. 

Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game
Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game

About The Game

 The ball is being hit by the players to each other using racquets over the net. However, to win a point, strike the ball and aimed to the opponent so that they cannot hit the ball. Moreover, getting four points is winning a game. Whereas, winning six games is like winning a set. Besides, winning two sets is winning a match. 

History Of The Indoor Tennis GameDifferent Type Of Game

 In history, people believe that the ancient origin of the game is in the 12th century. Northern France was the place it was introduced with the balls initially. Later, in the 16th-century, rackets were started to use. Moreover, in this period, they named this game like tennis, derived from the French term Tenez. Also, it can be translated has held, receive, or take. The world’s first tennis tournament played in London in the year of 1877. Also, the match was named has Wimbledon championships.

Tennis Disciplines  

However, in tennis, there are three types of discipline. 

  • However, playing one against another (Singles).
  • Moreover, playing two against two opponents (Doubles). It applies to men and women. 
  • Two teams with one male and a female player. (Mixed Doubles).
Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game
Indoor Tennis -A Different Type Of Game

Different Types Of Court Structures-Indoor Tennis

   Indoor tennis played in artificial lightning. Moreover, the ground is protected by a cover that protects the surface from rain or snow. It also has three different types of court structures. 

Air Supported Structure

  • This structure is inexpensive and efficient to construct. Also, it is called as bubbles and very easy to install.
  • This court blocks the UV Rays entering in.
  • This court is warm in winter because it allows the light in a more massive amount, which is much efficient. 
  • It can also be used both indoor and outdoor. 

Fabric Frame Structure 

  • Fabric frame is required because it is used all over the year.
  • However, the frame is expensive when compared to Air Structure.
  • The fiber frame is durable. 
  • It contains not only fabric but also a few more materials like steel, aluminum, and wood. 
  • Due to the climate changes, during the construction, few inner linings are given to control the temperature.
  • It is beneficial for the hottest climate. 
  • The court has proper ventilation and also protects from the intense sun.

Rigid Framed Structure 

  • This indoor structure is the most expensive because it is built of steel.
  • It is durable and saves from annual servicing expenses. 
  • If the structure is maintained well, then it lasts for 65 years. 

Feasibilities Of Indoor Tennis Court

  • It is a smooth game that does not affect your joints. Instead, it is also good for bone joints. 
  • Winning your game is easy. Since there is no wind can interfere with throwing the ball away.
  • Automatically the player speed is increased due to the consistency in the play.
  •  An active game is played because you will not find the sun nor wind to interrupt your play.
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