Jennifer Brady a Versatile Personality

jennifer brady

Jennifer Brady is a person living in the United States who claims to be an employee within the government and is one of Edward Snowden’s legal counselors. She has released statements on behalf of Snowden and they seem to appear simultaneously across several websites with no original copy ever being produced however there are versions that have been reproduced from other versions. In order to provide full disclosure, many researchers have used screenshots from this site [1] as it is considered reputable among the conspiracy community. It would appear that she or someone else is attempting to deceive people by creating a fake website with a fake letter by Snowden purporting him coming forward as a witness against Obama regarding his birth certificate forgery and coverup.

The Questionable Origins of the Jennifer Brady Story

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The first time Jennifer Brady was seen was on this website which appeared suddenly with no previous blog history. At first glance, it appears to be legitimate as it has the official logo of the NSA however the address is to an empty lot in Texas. The phone number goes straight to a fax machine and there are no other websites registered by Jennifer Brady online anywhere. None of this is necessarily suspicious but when taken into context that Edward Snowden doesn’t have any legal council yet claimed he has representation that seems very suspect especially since all who were publicized by Edward Snowden were part of some form of conspiracy theory or another including Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom, Glenn Greenwald and Jacob Appelbaum who would later be outed as being affiliated with CIA/NSA front company.

The Jennifer Brady Website and Faked NSA Documents: The Smoking Gun

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On her website, she reports that Edward Snowden has come forward as a witness against Barack Obama and has provided evidence of his forged birth certificate and he claims that there are 19 more witnesses who will testify in court against him. In order to support these claims, she provides “authentic” copies of government documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) but they have been taken out of context or have been completely fabricated by someone who does not understand how their programs work. One glaring example was the XKeyscore program which states that “If you are an American Citizen it enables them to read your Email” which is false. The fact of the matter is that this program is mainly for foreigners and cannot be used on citizens [3] but her website contains numerous errors in what they believe these programs are capable of doing along with very poorly written ambiguous sentences.

Jennifer Brady and The Magazines

In recent years, Jennifer Brady has also written for various disability magazines including “Para Todos Magazine”, “New Mobility Magazine”, and the internet blog DisabilityScoop. She was recently selected as one of seven individuals with disabilities to be profiled in a new book called “Disability Bites: Portraits & Stories” along with other notables such as Milton Briggs (founder of Unitarian Universalist Muscular Dystrophy Association), John Hockenberry (NPR reporter and host of PRI’s Innovation Hub) and Chris Matthews (MSNBC Anchor).

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