Kids Tennis Accessories You Should Not Forget To Buy

Kids Tennis Accessories

Playing tennis has a lot of benefits for kids. Apart from the fact that tennis will help kids get physical exercise and stay fit, it also offers equal gender participation and maintains no contact with others and maintains social relations. Keeping in mind that kids cannot play tennis efficiently using Tennis Accessories designed for adult Tennis Accessories has been designed, especially for kids’ use. Let us have a look at a few of them.


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Kids need to use junior tennis racquets, which are designed precisely for kids. For a kid to play efficiently, the racquet needs to be of the right size compared to the height and age of the kid. You can go for aluminum-based racquets, which are very light and hence easier to handle for kids.

While buying racquets for your kids, make sure that:

They are of lightweight

The size is suitable as per the height, age, and weight of your child

It will be durable and will last long

It is already strung and is reasonably priced

Babolat Nadal junior 19 is the present best signature racquet. It is available in a feature and feather-light version, making it the perfect to be used by kids. The company makes racquets for children under the age of five as well as for older kids.

Tennis Balls

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Just like the racquet’s choice, the choice of a tennis ball that you make for your child can affect their tennis skills growth to quite an extent. There is a total of four types of junior tennis balls, foam, red, orange, and green dot. For your child to have a positive experience while playing tennis the tennis ball needs to match and suffice your child’s needs accurately.

For kids who are of 8 years and younger red junior tennis balls are the most appropriate.

For kids of 8 to 9 years old, orange, junior tennis balls are the most appropriate. For kids of 9 to 10 years old, green, junior tennis balls are the most appropriate.

Wilson Starter Red Tennis Balls are specially designed for kids. They are compressed versions of tennis balls used by adults that kids can play without any discomfort.

Ball ports/ Ball hoppers

If your kids have many tennis balls, then they cannot stuff them all in their pockets. Keeping that in ball ports and ball hoppers have been designed for kids.

Tourna Sampras mini ball port helps keep the tennis balls organized, and it comes very much handy on the court while playing tennis. It comes with a rolling-wheel mechanism which helps to collect the tennis balls without bending over. The best tennis ball hopper is also by Tourna. It is called Tourna’s ball port 80 ball hopper. Tourna ball port pro 50 ball tennis hopper is another good option that holds 50 regular tennis balls. Its lighter weight makes it ideal for kids, and you can easily order it online.


If your kids are interested in playing tennis you can support them by buying Tennis Accessories for them that are suitable for kids. Keep in mind what things you need to consider before buying. The Tennis Accessories for kids are easily available in stores as well as online, and hence you are just one step away from buying these Tennis Accessories. Don’t let anything stop your kids from being sports champions.

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