Necessary Platform Tennis Gear That One Must Have Before Stepping Into The Platform Tennis Court

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Platform tennis is a game that derived its origin from Tennis. It was developed in 1928 at the famous Fo Meadow Club New York. James Cogswell and Fessenden Blanchard founded it. Both Cogswell and Fessenden were thinking of developing a sport that could be played outside during the winter season. A proper Platform Tennis Gear is required for playing this sport. The original platform created by them was 48 feet long and 20feet wide. However, these dimensions were not appropriate, and they shifted to 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. The size was equivalent to one-quarter of that of a normal tennis court. No player can play the game without having the proper Platform Tennis Gear required for playing the game. The first championship was held in 1935 in Scarsdale at Fox Meadow Club. A chicken wire surrounds the court. The fencing helps the ball to bounce back and remain in the court. If the courts are developed on areas alongside hills, heat equipment is installed to keep the area warm during winters. Platform Tennis Gear is available easily in markets and online. The Platform Tennis Gear is affordable and fun to use. 

Basic Information About Platform Tennis Gear

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The basic Platform Tennis Gear required is a ball and a paddle. This Platform, Tennis Gear, is specifically used for playing platform tennis. The ball is a spongy ball of 2.5 inches in diameter, and it can be served overhead. The paddle used for striking the ball is 18 inches and has 87 holes in it. The holes help in improving aerodynamics. The service is done by first serving the ball to starting a point. It is initiated by tossing the ball in the air and hitting the ball in the diagonal direction opposite the service box. The ball might even make contact with the net. If the ball gets landed in the service box, then it is called a valid serve. The rules for serving are different for doubles and singles. If it is a singles game, the rule is similar to normal Tennis. The server can make two attempts but only at a valid server. If the second attempt fails or it gets considered as a fault, then you lose the point. In the game of doubles, there are no second chances given. The server has only a chance of doing a valid serve. Due to this reason, the servers are less aggressive while playing a game of doubles. The scoring is done similarly to that of a tennis game. So, if you are planning on getting involved in this sport, then you must get the Platform Tennis Gear. 

Another Sport Using Gear Similar To Platform Tennis Gear


Paddle tennis is a sport that uses the Platform Tennis Gear. Paddle tennis is also played like platform tennis. The Platform Tennis Gear is inclusive of a paddle, and the same paddle is used in paddle tennis. There are no double lanes on a paddle tennis court, but the court is kind of similar to the traditional court of Tennis. 


To conclude, Platform Tennis Gear used for playing platform tennis is a game similar to paddle tennis. The game has strict rules and a proper court with chicken wires. This game originated from the traditional game of Tennis.

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