Nine Basic And Highly Essential High School Tennis Rules

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Tennis is an extremely loved game. Several people play it around the world. However, on seeing the added benefits that this game offers, a lot of schools have introduced this game in their schools. The High School Tennis Rules are the same and are followed around the world. Nobody can change the rules because these are the central rules and apply to every region as well as school.

The High School Tennis Rules

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High School Tennis Rules are pretty simple and similar to that of a normal tennis match. In high school, it is important not only to know the basic rules of tennis but also the etiquette of playing. As per the High School Tennis Rules, the rules are: 

1.    The game is played continuously and there are no breaks taken. The only time that a player gets off is when the coach is talking to them. The players have to stay on the court at any cost. 

2.    During the general game of the season and in the zonal tournament, the format of the 8-game pro set is permitted. The coach needs to tell the players about the format at-least 24 hours before the match. As per the set, the first who wins eight games by a gap of 2 games, is declared as the winner of the set. If the score is the same, i.e. 8-8, then a tiebreaker is performed. 

3.    Only eighteen games are allowed per team. These eighteen games are not inclusive of regional as well as state tournaments. 

4.    Each participant has to warm-up their opponent. It is a good thing for you as well as your opponent. Warm-up includes hitting balls straight to the opponent at a general speed. If you are playing doubles, then you must warm-up with your teammate. 

5.    It is always advisable to speak the score before every point. This way you and your opponent will remain active and alert about the scoreboard. The server must call out the point and not the receiver. 

6.    If you see that a service has crossed the boundary then do not return it. It will show your rudeness if you will return a serve that goes out of the boundary. This way your game will get delayed and everyone will form a wrong impression of you. 

7.  Always play at a normal pace. A pace of 20 seconds between each point is considered normal. However, usually, players play at a pace of 10-12 seconds which is okay as long as the game is not getting disturbed. The pace of the receiver, as well as the server, should match. None of them should stall or rush. 

8. Whenever you are in doubt, give your opponent a call. If you are unable to see the call, then make sure that your opponent sees the ball and makes the call. It is highly essential to do so. If you decide to call out a good ball, then your opponent deserves the point. 

9.    Make sure that the ball is dry and there is no sweat on it. Also, do not put the balls in any of your pockets because they tend to absorb moisture and sweat. It is a penalty to do so. You need to work on the sweating problem of yours if you think that it is causing troubles. 


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High School Tennis Rules are pretty basic and are made to enhance the game of players and to keep the essence of tennis alive even at high school level.

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