Paddle Tennis Serves Tips For Beginners

paddle tennis serve tips

You have probably heard the terms “Paddle Tennis Serves” and” paddle-net” and” paddle-serving”. These two terms are interchangeable, with the former referring to the server using a paddle and the latter to a net. Paddle serves are great for competitive players who like to challenge themselves. They are also an excellent choice for beginners, as they require less technical skill to learn and master.

Paddle Tennis Serves Tips

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The serve tips that follow will give you an idea of what to look for when serving your opponent. When striking the ball, you should always begin from either the outside or inside of the court. This is called the service area. When returning the ball, it is important to remember that you want to cover more ground than you do when you are first playing the serve. When returning, start your server on the inside of the box so that it will be easier to return. Also, make sure you are over your opponent so that your service will be able to get back to the net without bending down as far.

As you prepare to serve, bring your racket up to your shoulder and let it rest there. Your body will be ready to swing once you have raised your racket. Don’t grip the racket too tightly or too loosely. Once you have settled into your posture, take a very good hard look at the court. You are going to need to work on your serve technique here, so pay close attention.

Important Aspects

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Another aspect of your technique involves working on getting your racket up over the ball. This can easily be done if you learn to control the topspin. The topspin refers to the force with which the ball spins. If you can learn to keep your serve low, it will help you strike the ball harder and farther. If you want to serve better, you will want to learn how to get the ball up over the ball faster. So start with getting your serve up over the ball using these tips:

– If you find that the ball is not coming back to your services often, then you will want to have it up high. The rule of thumb is that the service has to be hitting at least two feet inside the court. You can help achieve this by keeping your racket up high. You can also try to have it spin in a circular motion. This is an important skill to master to help you get more topspin into your server.

Things To Consider

– When striking the ball, you should try and have your racket come back straight up and not rotate. The rotation movement occurs when your arm gets out of position, or the way you are lifting your racket causes the ball to spin in a circle. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to keep your racket in the same position as your body when you are trying to serve. If you have to rotate your body to get the ball up, then you will just be spinning the ball instead of delivering a good topspin. Use these tips with the above drill, and you should be able to improve your tennis serve tremendously.

– When you are returning the ball, you should try to have your racket follow through straight on. Your weight should be on your back foot and not in front. As your racket comes back, it needs to hit the ground at a good speed. You should have your hips and legs in the proper position to help you absorb the shock of the topspin. To get more topspin into your server, try to swing the club backwards. This will create more backspin and more power in the ball for you to send it soaring towards the opponent’s goal.

Bottom Line

These are just a few useful tips that can help you increase your ability to get the ball over the net. These are very helpful for any level player because there is no exact science to returning a serve. It is more of a mixture of timing and skill. Try using some of the above techniques while you practice seeing whether you can begin to return paddle tennis serve better.

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