Paddle Tennis Sport – Accessories Required For The Sport

paddle tennis accessories

Paddle tennis is an easy form of sport that has been adapted from tennis and is being played for over a century. As compared to tennis the court in paddle tennis sport is a smaller one and it has no doubles lanes. The net is lower. Paddle tennis is played with a solid paddle and a depressurized tennis ball.

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The paddle tennis sport is considered to be quick and easy to learn. Shots are played either before or after the ball bounces of the surrounding glass walls. This course in the paddle is served underarm. Points are won by strategy rather than strength and power as in tennis and squash.

History Of The Game

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Paddle tennis sport began in the year 1915 in lower Manhattan. It was intended to be a recreational sport for neighboring children. The first tournament was held in the year 1922 and the United States paddle Tennis Association was formed the next year. Frank Barbel is the inventor of this game.

Similar Sports

Platform tennis is a sport similar to paddle tennis and it was invented in the year 1928 in New York. The main difference between platform tennis and paddle tennis is that the former sport is played in a court which is 6 feet shorter than the paddle tennis court. In platform tennis, a solid sponge rubber ball and overhead serving are allowed.

Pickleball is another sport invented in the year 1965. It is played on the court with a size similar to paddle tennis but the difference lies in the ball used for playing. In pickleball, a plastic whiffle ball is used.

Rules Of The Game

The paddle tennis court is constructed of the same material as a tennis court. It can be placed on hard beach sand. The measurement of the court is a 50 feet baseline-to-baseline and 20 feet across with the service line 3 feet in from the baseline.

The service box is 10 inches into 22 inches. The net is at 13 inches. All paddle rules are the same as tennis.

Accessories Required To Play Paddle Tennis

Paddle shoes- The ultra shot 2, Viking athletics T22, The Wilson pro rush 2.5

Eye guards

Gloves and mitts

Paddle ear warmer headband

Platform tennis balls

Paddle bags and covers

Paddle grips

Paddle tennis rackets- H graphene 360, Alpha pro paddle tennis racket, grand cow pro power light paddle tennis racket, Wilson’s flashlight paddle tennis.


Paddle Tennis is not as dominated by strength and technique as in tennis and therefore it can be played by men, women, and youth. A very important skill which you need to have to play paddle tennis is match-craft. Paddle tennis sport is played outdoors in cold weather. Paddle tennis is easier than tennis and hence preferred by many.

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