Quick Dry Bath Towel Eco-Friendly Cloth

Quick Dry Bath Towel Eco-Friendly Cloth

A quick-dry bath towel will give you a smooth wipe after a bath or a swim in the pool. Since the material is eco-friendly cloth, it will not be harsh on your skin or cause any discomfort. Instead, it will give a soft, smooth feeling. The fabric being absorbent is perfect for the people who travel often. It also suits those who take part in any sport. This is of soft fabric and so incredibly lightweight and foldable too. Hence, it will become inevitable in your travel bag.

The material of the towel is breathable polyester cotton. The length and width are 130cm and 75 cm, respectively, or 51.1 x 29.5 inches. The weight is very low, approximately 169 gm. A single pack contains one bath towel.

Quick-Dry Bath Towel Eco-Friendly Cloth

It is a necessary item for the trip due to its absorbing feature. As it is lightweight, it is easy to carry anywhere without increasing the load on your travel kit. Apart from the conventional holiday trip, it is good to use during camping, trekking, or hiking trip. The primary advantage of the towel is its quick-absorbing quality. It is available in various colors so you can choose your favorite shade. You can have multiple pieces if you would like to use it daily.

We need towels for many purposes other than bathing. Swimming is one of them. To beat the heat during the summers, many of us love to do swimming for a long time. After that, a piece of comfortable fabric is necessary to dry out the body. And this soft towel is perfect to use at that time.

If you love to hit the gym regularly to maintain a good physique, then this one will make a permanent place in your gym bag. A skin-friendly towel is essential for wiping the skin after rigorous workouts. And it is super easy to carry in the bag. It will neither take extra space nor increase the weight of the bag.

 This is what we all look for when it comes to packing our essentials while going for a long trip or the nearby swimming pool or gym.

Soft And Skin-Friendly Fabric

You will feel a feather-like touch on your skin because of its soft nature. Moreover, it is of eco-friendly material. So, there is no way of any skin related issues. You can use it daily, multiple times comfortably. Even this will suit your kid’s skin too. The children need to use reliable fabric for wearing or wiping because their skin is tender and more reactive against the rough texture. And they sweat more than the adults as they stay active physically most of the time. It is excellent for wiping out the sweat from their bodies.

The Quick-Dry Bath Towel Is Easy To Clean

You can wash it easily by hand or in the machine with regular detergent. Frequent washing is necessary to keep it germ-free as you are using it to clean your body.

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