Review of the Gearbox GX6 Power Pickleball

A person hitting a ball with a racket

When you play, hear, see, and hit a Gearbox GX6 power pickleball paddle, you instantly know exactly what you’re experiencing is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. After years of extensive research, millions of hours of testing and still thinking the impossible was possible, Gearbox produces the GX6, a game-changer, built using Patented Solid Span Technology. You’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the ball’s transition and how effortlessly it rolls and snaps along the rail. This game-changing technology makes use of the Company’s “Insane Drift” technology. The result: a paddle that allows the ball to drift in any direction you desire, left, right or bottom. This will undoubtedly make the GX6 power pickleball paddle your all-time favorite.

I’m sure you’ve seen many Power Pellet Paddle pictures over the internet. They’re very impressive and the pictures alone can take your mind off the real thing. What you need to know first, however, is that each of the balls sold by Gearbox is different from the others. The reason is that they are individually loaded to their own unique bearing system. This is the secret behind the balls not being identical. A power pickleball paddle will only work with a specific brand of ball.

Gearbox Gx6 Power Pickleball Paddle

A person swinging a racket at a ball

For instance, there are three different sizes of the Power Pickleball Paddle. Each of these sizes has its own unique ball that slides easier on the rail. The smallest size, which is called the GX6 Power Pellet, has an amazingly low center of gravity. It doesn’t have nearly the same bounce as the larger balls, but it slides much more elegantly.

I really enjoy the smaller ball. I can go up to twenty-five feet with mine and score easy goals. However, if you’re only playing with a partner or going up against another team, the larger power pickleball can be much more effective. They often have less center of gravity and are much harder to control. If you’re playing against someone who is skilled at power picking, you’ll likely have an advantage unless they also have a power pickleball paddle.

Another great thing about the Power Pickleball is that you don’t have to stop playing once your ball bounces. You can continue using your power pickleball paddle to propel the ball into the goal. You’ll have the same excitement as if you had won the game! Plus, other players on your team will be able to use their pong paddles to fire at the balls too. Great fun!

A Much Ado 

A person hitting a ball with a racket

The only real downside to playing with the Power Pickleball is that you can’t see if the ball has gone in by sight. You’ll have to eyeball it to determine if it’s hit the net, though. Other than that, this is one of the best picklepens you’ll ever get a chance to own. I’ve been using mine almost every weekend since moving into my girlfriend’s house. She loves it!

It’s also incredibly inexpensive to own, even considering how many cups you’ll be using it for. You can get them in all sorts of different colors, so there’s sure to be one that matches your house and your personality. There are even ones that have my logo on them! No one else has the same logo as I do, so I’m pretty happy with mine.

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your Saturday and Sunday of the week, check out the Gearbox GX6 Power Pickleball. You’ll be glad you did. It’s cheap, fun, and easy to get the number of pickles you need. Plus, if you don’t like playing picklepens, you can stop anytime you like because there aren’t any rules. It’s definitely a great way to spend the day!

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