Serve Tennis Tips for Success

serve tennis tips

If you have played tennis for any length of time, you probably realize how important serving tennis tips can be. When you first start playing, you may notice that your service is not where you want it. This is an important skill to master, so be sure to practice often. One way to work on this skill is to watch the professionals. If you see them make mistakes, then try to imitate them. There are three basic serve drills that you can use when you are practicing.

Keep The Ball In Frond

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The first serve tennis tips revolve around keeping the ball in front of you at all times. You will need to keep in front of the ball when you set it up so that you can serve from a proper angle. The first drill is to toss the ball as high as possible. Then lower the ball down and try to get it back in the air again. It may seem difficult at first, but it is an important skill to perfect. The key here is not to allow the ball to hit you.

Toss The Ball Low

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The second drill is to toss the ball low. You should never serve from the baseline if you can help it. Serving from the baseline is considered very bad tennis. Even if you have a chance to serve from low, it is not a good idea because you will have to move to a low toss position before you ever get the chance to serve again.

Overhand Serve

The third drill is known as the overhand serve. This is done by having the ball over your head and trying to hit it straight. If you can successfully do this, you will have a very difficult time returning a ball that is over your head. As long as you can get it over your head, then you can serve anywhere you want.

Keeping The Ball In The Center Of The Court

All serve tennis tips focus on keeping the ball in the center of the court. You should always try to serve from the inside because if the ball does not make it to the net, you will not be able to return it. If you notice that the ball will go over your head or into the crowd, you should try to reverse the serve. For instance, if it hits the center of the net and goes out, then you should try to bring the ball back in without using your shoulders or arms.

Keep Your Head Down

Another one of the important serve tennis tips is to keep your head down while you serve. Most people get excited and look up when they are serving. However, you should not be looking up when you serve. You should be focused on the ball instead of looking up at the ceiling or towards the crowd. You need to focus on the ball and not worry about anything else.

When you are serving, you should be wearing closed shoes. Tennis players wear open shoes when they are not playing a game. This is a bad idea for serving as well as any other type of tennis tips. Because if you wear open shoes when you are serving, you may drop the ball, and it will go in the opposite direction of where you are serving.

Final Words

These are some serve tennis tips that you should practice often. Always be focused on the ball and never let your mind wander. Keep your shoulders straight, and your knees bent while you are serving. If you do these things consistently, you will find that your service will improve over time, and you will be more successful when you are playing on the tennis court.

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