Some Basic Tips For Tennis For Left-Handed Players

Tips For Tennis

There has been a common belief among tennis experts and professionals that left-handed tennis players are better. This belief is further backed by fact as well and some of the finest tennis players from around the world have been left-handed. If you believe in it, then great but if you don’t, there is a fact for that as well. Left-handed players can swing the ball when they are serving from the advantageous side. They also have a much wider range of shots and angles which are often hard to read for right-handed players. You can also get tips for tennis from experts to be the best if you are left-handed.

Best Tips For Tennis
Best Tips For Tennis

If you are also left-handed and want to make it among the best tennis players in the world, you will need to train. You must create a proper schedule for practice so that you can practice enough while not sacrificing other things. It’s not just about practicing hard but you will need to smartly create proper plans to work on different aspects of your game. Only then will you be able to succeed as a professional tennis player.

Basic Tips For Tennis Players

Start With A Proper Diet Is One Of The Essential Tips For Tennis

If you have a good tennis trainer, they will inform you regarding this on your first day. Tennis requires a lot of energy, which is why it is essential to always have the right diet. While you are going for practice, keep glucose water and bananas in your kit bag. These will keep you hydrated and can provide you with instant energy. Try consulting a dietician to help you prepare a diet chart according to your body requirements for better results.

People Are Not Used To Playing Left-Handed Tennis Players

One thing that you must know is that left-handed tennis players are rare which is why not a lot of people have the experience to beat them. Every left-handed player should take advantage of this and should try to make the most of their strength. As a left-handed player, you can place the ball across the court until the opponent gets tired and can easily change the pace of the game with a powerful swing. All you need to do is to give time in mastering the various shots.

Key Tips For Tennis
Key Tips For Tennis

Tips For Tennis – Work On Agility, Movement, And Placement

As a left-handed player, your movements, agility, and court placement can help you win any game you want. You will need to do specific zigzag cone running exercises that are meant to enhance your agility. Also, understand the footwork that can help you travel on the court with ease. Understand that after taking every shot, you will need to come back to the center of your side of the court to get ready for the return.

Just try to make sure that you keep placing the ball around the opponent’s court. This will not only make them tired but will also help you understand how much power you need to put for making the ball reach a certain area.


Some of the most prolific players to have touched the tennis racket have been left-handed players. However, the right training for tennis and strategic practicing can beat anything. Thus, being left-handed is not enough. You will need to keep practicing your craft and will need to master various shots that can give you a competitive edge over your opponents.

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