Some Fun Facts About the Tennis Tie Breakdown

tennis tiebreaker rules

When tennis players are winning six matches in a row, they usually play a tie-breaker to determine the next winner of their set. A usual tie break score is seven wins or 8-game series. Team tennis now no longer plays under the rules of the national u.s. Tennis association or in the gentlemen’s open clay tournaments. The modern tennis tie-breaker system is based on six points: talent, form, surface, strategy, and competition. There are still other counting factors like strokes, but these give you a rough idea of how the match will go.

But there’s one thing missing. What if your opponent has the ball in the opposite court and you are in the lead with four sets to zero? Or what if he has a number one service and you have a match up with him down the slope? These situations called for a change in the tennis tie breaking rules. And it’s exactly what took place some years ago when the USTA introduced a new rule change allowing the two players in a final set to switch places.

Tennis Tie-Breaker Rules

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That’s right. If you are in a grand slam final with one set to nil, you can step out to the second court and take the lead. Now the tennis tie-breaker rules will not allow you to take the lead when leading by two sets; you have to go on top of your opponent to win. Now I am sure that most of you can see the problems with this new rule. So let us discuss the other three tennis tie breaking rules that serve as a safety net for tennis players.

Let’s start with the first and most important aspect of tennis rules; no tennis clothing rules. That means no shorts or polo shirts. This is very important, especially when playing on the center court. No tennis balls either, even though you may be top of your opponent. Finally, no shoes.

Important Aspects

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But how about some interesting facts about tennis rules and how they apply to you? Let’s start with the first and probably most important point of all, clothing. The rules don’t say anything about how you should wear your shoes or what you should wear under your tennis clothing. So here are some interesting facts for you. There are five types of tennis clothing that you can use while playing on any surface; grass courts include:

For most people, their choice of clothing would depend on their fitness level. For example, those who are beginners would probably want to wear something light and comfortable. They would probably choose shorts, a t-shirt, and a sports top. For professionals, their choice would, of course, be different. They would usually wear a polo shirt, a pair of trousers and a tennis ball in the right-hand pocket.

Here are some more interesting facts. On grass courts, the last set is called the breaker. When this happens, the player who was earlier standing at the first point in the final set becomes the breaker. At that time, a new ball has to be brought out, and the player has to return to the first point and play another set.

Bottom Line

And lastly, here are some fun facts about tennis rules and the break. If you hit the net after a fault, the server has to return to its original point before the net is touched by anyone else. The player who was the breaker will always get the last setpoint and the winner of the match. After a fault, the player who was standing at the first point in the final set becomes the loser of the match. The player who was standing at the first point in the final set becomes the victor of the match.

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