Strong Reasons for Choosing The Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle

gearbox g11 pickleball paddle

The original Gearbox paddles were designated by the numbers 7, 8, and 9, which corresponded to their different weights. With the new Seven Pro and Eight Pro, the business has modernized a handful of these designs. Several single-piece paddles have also been introduced by Gearbox.

The company is not manufacturing several old paddles but you can get them from bulk suppliers. The company has stopped the production of G7 and the original models of 7, 8, and 9. There is no honeycomb core and the paddle will not develop dead spots.

Product Specifications/Features

Pickleball Paddle
  • It’s 7.8 ounces in weight.
  • It measures 15 15/16 inches long and 8 inches broad, with a grip size of 3 5/8 inches or 3 15/16 inches.
  • There is no core
  • It is composed of composite material and is constructed in a single piece.

The pros

Pickleball Paddle
  • This is a powerful paddle with a unique solid-piece design.
  • The paddle comes with a large sweet spot.
  • The paddle is lightweight and doesn’t let elbows get tired at all. 


  • It is slightly expensive.
  • It does not offer as much control. The grip size may be too small for some players.  

Reasons why you should choose G11

With the G11, you do not get a core. The paddle wears a solid composite material as its base material. Without a core, the paddle should last longer. The paddle is the same size as the G2, which means it also has the smallest grip size found on most shift paddles. You can choose between a 3 5/8 inch socket and a 3 15/16 inch socket. Most companies offer 4-inch handles for the smaller size. If you tend to play one-handed or have large hands, this paddle may be difficult to work with. You may also sense a lack of dexterity. In comparison to the surface material found on conventional Gearbox paddles, the composite material is smoother and more flexible. It increases the paddle’s pop and power while decreasing its accuracy.

Finally, advanced players wishing for more power may consider this paddle. The internal structure of these awesome G11 paddles includes carbon fiber material.

Final Words

Compared to conventional two-piece paddles, the single-piece design effectively dampens vibrations that go up into the elbow. Keep in mind that the red paddle weighs 8.5 oz, while the purple and yellow paddles weigh 7.8 oz while purchasing. Pickleball paddles are difficult to come by. It might be difficult and tedious to compare paddle cores, face technologies, forms, and sizes. So, first, decide the proper size and weight that will work for you without any excessive stress on your elbow while playing.

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