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Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

A stadium full of people

In the various aspects of life, be it relations, professional athletics, or board games, there is no individual who likes a deceiver. Cheaters rob the fun aspect and the competitive essence out of every single thing. At times when we are hit by memories of an individual who was cheating, our blood starts heating up. […]

Gasquet Backhand: New Technique In Tennis

Gasquet Backhand

Let’s discuss about the tennis backhand.

Federer Backhand: Tennis Matches Of The Year

Federer Backhand

Let’s discuss about the federer backhand.

Best Tennis Trainer: Learn How To Play Tennis

Best Tennis Trainer

Let’s discuss about the best tennis trainer.

Australian Open 2020 Women’s Singles

Sofia Kenin wins Australian Open 2020

Sofia Kenin won the season’s first Grand Slam title at Melbourne Park. Let’s look back to her historic triumph at the 2020 Australian Open women’

Dominic Thiem: Prince Of Clay

Many young male tennis superstars are now making great inroads on the tour. Dominic Thiem seems to be the best among the new breed of talented players.

How To Hit The Best Tennis Backhand?

The best tennis backhand has speed, depth and perfect placement. Here is how to make your backhand shot world class and consistent on the court.

Juan Martin Del Potro: A Career Ravaged By Injuries

Juan Martin Del Potro: A Career Ravaged By Injuries

Juan Martin Del Potro has been one of the best and most lethal tennis players in the ATP tour for the last 12 years. The Argentine who sensationally won the US Open 2009 has a game that is effective on hard, grass as well as clay courts. His career however has been deeply affected by […]

Roger Federer: 2 Most Successful Tennis Tournaments

Roger Federer: 2 Most Successful Tennis Tournaments

The Swiss maestro Roger Federer ranks among the best tennis players in terms of records, achievements, and wins. Even beyond those numbers, the great champion from Basel is known from is smooth game-style, often described as the ‘poetry in motion’. He combines the style and grace on the tennis court with clinical accuracy and pin-point […]

Venus Williams: Inspiring Tennis Superstar

Venus Williams

Great tennis superstars are known for their passion in the sport. Former world number 1 Venus Williams has been among best players in the women’s tour.

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