Take Your Tennis Playing Skill To Another Level With These Unique And Easy To Follow Tennis Footwork Tips

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Are you a tennis player? Do you suffer extreme pain with footwork? With the multiple varieties of footwork patterns in tennis, there are high chances you are doing too much with your feet and, in the process, make playing tennis tougher than it should be. If you are one of such players or you know any of them, then today’s article is for you. The key is to make the foundation of your tennis footwork tips, keeping it very simple and taking away all the unnecessary steps. If you want to know more about tennis footwork tips, then continue to read the whole article. 

Major Mistakes To Avoid In Tennis Footwork Tips

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Open Stance Forehand 

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Most players take a few small steps. They could simply either stay in their place and lower and coil themselves or take a small step out to the side. So the Tennis footwork tips are to simply maintain your position, lower yourself down and uncoil, or take your step slightly to the side and play an open stance forehand from that position.

Tennis Footwork Tips For Slightly Shorter Ball

When the ball is shorter, players move slightly and take three or four steps in a closed stance; however, it should be avoided. So the Tennis footwork tips for a slightly shorter ball is pivoting on the outside foot and stepping forward into the shot and ultimately taking not more than one step. 

Hitting A Closed Stance Forehand

In this case, players often make the mistake of leaving the back foot behind where it began. Because of this, the foot then prevents the hip. Joint from the full movement towards the incoming ball, and players lose power as well as create the feeling of unbalance at the end of the stroke. The tennis footwork tips are to drag your toes on the ground, so you know that you have pulled the leg forward, following your hip, and ultimately the hip will pull the leg forward. 

Importance Of Good Footwork- Tennis Footwork Tips

It impacts everything from timing, balance, strength, stamina, power, and consistency. 

Good tennis footwork tips allow you to reach any ball that comes towards you, and it is crucial to always stay on your toes. 

Being able to get into the right position with good tennis footwork tips gives you options, and having alternatives can give you the win over your opponent by putting you on offense. 


Learning correct tennis footwork with effective tennis footwork tips is crucial if you wish to advance your game. The game of tennis is popular for requiring ample amounts of running around the court, and of course, there is always a better way to keep in mind when performing these activities. That’s what tennis footwork tips will help you with. You could move around the court efficiently, be able to always reach the ball, and be ready for the next shot are key aspects that you can master with good tennis footwork tips.

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