Tennis Backhand Tips For Beginners

tennis backhand tips

Many people have a poor swing and are not able to hit the ball straight, their first instinct is to hold the racket as tightly as possible, and hit the ball as hard as they can. This will actually do more harm than good.

Keep The Racket In Your Hands

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One of the key tennis backhand tips is to keep the racket in your hands at all times, this way you have a firm grip on it will be easier for you to direct the ball. When you are hitting the ball, make sure that you are hitting the ball on the correct side of the court, because if you are playing a forehand you will have to hit the ball on the inside. It is important to know how many steps you need to take to reach your destination, because otherwise you will end up chasing the ball instead of striking it. The best way to hit the ball is to lead with the shoulders, so you should hit the ball straight along the baseline.

Another one of the key tennis backhand tips is to get the ball back on the correct path in your swing. A lot of beginners make the mistake of trying to hit the ball back harder, and when they do that they cause the ball to spin in a different path. This can actually cause the opposite of what you want. If you spin the ball out, then you will have to turn around and hit the same swing again, which is an unwise move. So you need to focus on leading with your shoulders, lead with the hips, and finish the backswing with the wrists.

One of the most important of the tennis backhand tips is that you must have good rhythm when you are playing a shot. Having a smooth stroke is the difference between a good shot and a bad one. This will depend on the angle, direction, and spot you are hitting the ball at, but overall it will be a good idea to have good rhythm. This will also help you feel more comfortable while you are learning the tennis strokes. If you aren’t rhythmical with your stroke, you will be firing off the same shot every single time. While this is good if you are a professional, it will not help you out when you are just starting out.

It is also important that you get into the correct stance. Many tennis players make the mistake of trying to hit the ball with their backhand side too hard. This will work against them, and they will find that they cannot strike the ball with a lot of power. There are times when they will be able to do this successfully, but for most of the time, they will end up spraying the ball all over the court. The best way to stay efficient at using effective backhand shots is to stand in the proper stance.

Another one of the most effective tennis tips is to have a strong hitting arm. This arm must be bent at an angle where the shaft is parallel with the ground. The hitting arm cannot be bent past a 90 degree or so, which means that the racket should be aimed right at the ball at all times.

Bottom Line

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An important part of being a good tennis player knows when to hold the racket in your hands. Holding the racket too tightly can cause you to sacrifice power and accuracy of your shot. As a general rule, it is best to have at least a one-handed backhand in your repertoire. Most experts recommend having at least two, and ideally three, one-handed backhands in your arsenal. When you play tennis, being able to use your forehand well is one of the keys to winning the game.

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