Tennis balls And their types

Tennis Balls Type

In this era of age when technology is increasing day by day. Everything is getting easier and convenient. They have been made in such a way that it has been made so simple to use. One of its kind has been the tennis balls which was earlier used only in the game but now it’s being used in many other ways for different purposes.

Tennis balls are one of those products where there are different kinds available. Its basic function is the same but there are certain variations due to which people can choose anyone they wish to adopt. There are some specific types available which you must know about if you want your work to be completed properly and on time. Let’s check out all the types below:

1. Standard Tennis Balls:

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This is the most common type that comes in a standard size and weight which can be used for all other games except table tennis. Since these balls are made up of rubber it is advisable to use them indoors only else the humidity will affect their lifespan and quality.

2. Extra Duty Tennis Balls:

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As this name suggests, these balls are formed with extra duty felt material so they last longer than normal ones and also help in saving an extra penny since you don’t have to buy them regularly. These balls can be used both outdoors and indoors and maintain their bounce and texture even when struck against any hard surface. These balls come in different colours due to which players find it easy to locate them easily when playing in a group.

3. Table Tennis Balls:

As the name suggests, these balls are exclusively used for table tennis and have a rounder shape as compared to other types of tennis balls. These balls are made up of celluloid material which is why they have a high bounce and spin rate. They also come in different colours so that players can differentiate between their own and their opponent’s balls easily when playing in tournaments.

4. Pressureless Tennis Balls:

Unlike other types of tennis balls, pressureless ones don’t require any air pressure to be maintained inside them. This is because they have an outer shell that is made up of latex rubber which expands and contracts according to the surrounding temperature. This type of ball is mostly used for practice as they don’t lose their bounce and texture even after a number of hits.

5. Wilson US Open Tennis Balls:

This type of tennis ball is used in the prestigious and most popular tournament – The US Open. They are made up of premium materials and have a higher price tag than other types of balls. But if you’re looking for the best quality then these balls are definitely worth the investment.

There are many other variants of tennis balls available in the market but the ones mentioned above are some of the most popular ones. So make sure that you choose the right type according to your need or requirements to avoid any inconvenience later on. And always keep in mind that practice makes perfect so make sure to practice using the ball regularly so that you don’t face any issues when you’re in a game.

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