Tennis Kick Serve Tips That Can Help You Improve Your Performance

tennis kick serve tips

The tennis kick serve tips are most ordinarily used on the second serve, but it’s also useful to combine in on the primary server, and is commonly used on clay and other surfaces that provide an extra bounce. Like all the opposite spins, a kick serve is generated by the way the strings interact with the ball during contact. Your aim is to start out contacting around the inside lower a part of the ball and finish over the highest of the skin of the ball, generating the spin which will lead to spin, but more about how later within the article. There are many reasons to implement the tennis kick serve tips, and really few drawbacks.

Few Steps For A Better Kick Serve

A man holding a racket on a court

Here are a few better tennis kick serve tips

You must toss the ball behind your head

Then, bend your knees and bring your hips forward

Next, you should spring toward the ball, keeping your head and hitting your elbow up

Brush up the back of the ball with as much racket head speed as the first serve

Lastly, uncoil at the top of your swing and follow-through

Tennis Kick Serve Tips

A man holding a racket on a court

A good kick serves technique generates a high-bouncing topspin on the ball and maybe a robust play against an opponent who has trouble returning high balls. A kick serve works best as a second serve because their high arcs have a lower margin for error. Here is a few tennis kick serve tips for you to hit that perfect kick serve.

Get the right grip

Alter your toss

Bend your knees

Brush up on the ball


Use the kick serve as your second serve

Until you master the topspin serve, keep practicing

Aim at least 8 ft (2.4 m) into your opponent service box

Rules For Tennis Kick Serve

After knowing the tennis kick serve tips, let us know the rules for serving in tennis.

To begin, simply focus on hitting a ball that goes over the online and into the service box. Once you’ll be able to do that consistently, you would like to start out wondering where to position your serve to realize a tactical advantage.

You get two chances to induce your serve in, so you’ll be able to take more risks together with your first attempt. the primary serve is that the time to possess a go at playing to your opponent’s weaker side, whether or not you’re not so skilled at that direction of serve.

When serving, you’ll be able to aim for 3 broad areas within the service box: out wide, into their body, or down the center.

Another serving option is that the serve-volley, an aggressive tactic that puts your opponent struggling. Serve to the center of the service box to avoid giving them an angle, then charge towards the net.


Keep the rules and the benefits in your mind while hitting the kick serve in tennis. Keep practicing and you will master it soon. Try to hit the kick serve on your second serve because, fault on your second serve, and your opponent is given some extent. due to this, second serves are typically more cautious.

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