Tennis Racquet Size: Various Racquet Shape And Size

Tennis Racquet Size

Are tennis racquets made for junior tennis players or older kids? What is the right fit for your child? Is it best for your child to have a larger tennis racquet than their normal tennis racquet? What about junior tennis racquets made for seniors? Do you need larger junior tennis racquets, junior tennis balls, or junior tennis racquet size?

Type Of Junior Tennis Racquet

Before deciding on the type of junior tennis racquet size, it is important to determine the right size for you. Junior tennis racquet sizes are different from adult racquets, as they are made to fit the frame of the body and the wrist, with a small cup of the head in the center. There are three different sizing systems for junior racquets:

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Tennis Racquet Size: Various Racquet Shape And Size

Standard Junior Racquet Sizing System

This sizing system is used to measure the head and the shaft and is considered an average sizing system. It can work for slightly undersized kids, but this sizing system is not ideal for those that are oversized. Many tennis equipment stores carry a selection of Junior racquets in this sizing system. They are available in junior racquet sizes of 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

Senior Tennis Racquet Sizing System

This sizing system is also used for measuring the shaft and the head but is considered a large size. It is ideal for senior tennis players.

Junior Racquet Size for Tennis

This sizing system is ideal for those children who are underweight, have a small head, but want a larger racquet than the junior racquet size they are wearing.

Tennis Equipment Stores

When choosing a junior tennis racquet, you will want to consider that the junior tennis racquet size will be used for many years in the future. In most cases, tennis equipment stores will carry several sizes of junior racquets. For instance, some junior racquets will grow into adults, so it is important to know the proper size for your child as they play in their later years. Even senior tennis players will need a smaller racquet when they get older.

Variety Of Sizes

Tennis racquets are available in a variety of sizes, including junior tennis racquets, junior racquet size tennis balls, tennis racquet sizes for junior tennis players, tennis racquet sizes for seniors and adult tennis racquets. When shopping for tennis equipment, always shop for a store that sells tennis equipment made by reputable manufacturers such as Wilson, Callaway, and Kettler. These companies produce high-quality products, and they offer warranties.

Particular Size

Tennis racquets, tennis balls of all sizes will require maintenance and care and should not be taken lightly. If you have a tennis racquet and tennis balls of a particular size, make sure you keep them well covered and dry. Use a tennis racket cleaner or washable tennis racquet cleaner when you are not playing and always keep your racquets clean and sanitized. Moreover, tennis racquets and tennis balls should be stored in a plastic or cloth bag to protect the surfaces from dirt and debris.

Tennis Balls

Tennis racquets and tennis balls can be very expensive, so you must know the proper size before buying. You may want to look online for tennis equipment to get an idea of what you can expect to pay. There are several tennis equipment stores available on the Internet that offer a wide selection of tennis equipment, including tennis racquets and tennis balls for adults and kids.

Purchase Your First Tennis Racquet

As you try to decide the proper tennis racquet size for your player, take your time, and weigh all of your options. Do not rush into a purchase of the first tennis racquet you find as you will probably regret it and be forced to settle for the next best thing.

Sizing System Of Tennis
Tennis Racquet Size: Various Racquet Shape And Size

Type Of Action

Tennis Racquet sizes range in different sizes depending on the type of action that the tennis acquit can handle. The bigger the racquet size is, the stronger and faster it will feel. As you become more advanced, you will be able to use a bigger racket to increase your speed and strength. Also, if you have a slower hand, you may want to choose a smaller racquet.

Final Words

Tennis acquit size can be measured on several different scales. Also, the most common way to measure tennis racquet size is with a tennis racquet length tape, which is simply a ruler and tennis ball tied at one end.

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