Tennis Rules For Doubles You Should Know Before Jumping In The Field

Tennis Rules For Doubles

Playing doubles is the best way to play tennis if you are a beginner. In this game type, you don’t have to cover the whole ground as your partner is also there to support you. Plus if you are playing with an experienced teammate, he can greatly help in learning some special techniques to defend the powerful strokes and improve your game. He also helps in correcting your mistakes by giving you immediate feedback when you are not paying attention. But before getting into the field, you need to learn some basic tennis rules for doubles if you are a beginner.

Important Tennis Rules For Doubles
Important Tennis Rules For Doubles

Basic Rules You Need To Learn 

Tennis Rules For Doubles About The Court

Doubles tennis is played by two players or teammates and the biggest difference between singles as well as doubles is its court. The playing court in doubles has four lines that run with the length of the court perpendicularly to the net. The inner lines are for singles while the outer one is for doubles. These lines make the doubles court 9 feet wider in comparison to the singles court. The baseline is the same for singles and doubles. While playing doubles game, you should focus on hitting the balls within the outer lines.

Receiving And Serving 

The sidelines of the singles also form the outside lines of the playing court. This is the only point when the lines of the singles come into play at the time of doubles match, as the service court remains the same. Before starting the match, you and your teammate should decide who is going to serve first. This is one of the important tennis rules for doubles that you should always keep in mind. If you are serving first then you have to serve for the entire match. The partner of the receiver is allowed to stand anywhere on the court until he doesn’t hinder the server.

Rally Tennis Rules For Doubles Are Also Important 

At the time of the rally, the player may handle any shot, except the service and service returns. Any player can make a reminder theoretically for the short of the team during the point. In short, you are allowed to divide the court into two zones and you can play any ball that enters your zone. You or your teammate is not allowed to leave the zone at any cost. If you do then you are going to lose the point. 

Essential Tennis Rules For Doubles
Essential Tennis Rules For Doubles

Court Positioning 

Before starting the match, you and your teammate should divide the court during the rallies. This is the simplest tennis rule for doubles if you are a beginner. No matter you are playing in front and back method or side-to-side method. You should not leave your zone to hit the ball and your teammate is also not allowed to leave his zone and enter yours to hit the ball. To cover the entire court, you both should divide the zone equally and properly.


Before starting your doubles tennis match, you should learn some important rules. This greatly helps in making you aware of all the techniques that you can use for winning the matches.  

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