Tennis Rules Serving Ideas That Can Enhance Your Gaming Strategy

tennis rules serving

Tennis is a racket game of two opposing players (singles) or a pair of players (doubles). Tennis, first played in the 19th century, England, is now one of the most popular games among the youth of the 21st century. Although tennis is a physically demanding sport it has its own advantages. There are a few tennis rules serving and different types of ways to serve. There are also a few steps a player must keep in mind while playing tennis. Tennis has become a global sport and is played everywhere around the globe. It is played worldwide and is also among the most remunerative sports out there.

Tennis Rules Serving

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The most popular tournaments of tennis, also known as the majors, are, the French Open played on red clay courts, the US Open played on hard courts, the Australian Open played on hard courts and Wimbledon played on grass courts. You must abide by the tennis rules serving if you want to play or learn tennis. The rules of serving the ball in tennis, the steps to serve in tennis and the different types of serves in tennis, everything you want to know about tennis serving is here.

Tennis Rules Serving – Few Tennis Serve Technique

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Along with the tennis rules serving a player should also know the tennis serve techniques.

Underhand serve.

Flat serve.

Kick serve.

Slice serve.

Tennis Serving Rules

These are the tennis serving rules you must follow, while playing tennis.

To serve, you must stand outside the court, behind the baseline somewhere between the center mark.

The ball must hit over the net and bounce on the opposite service box, diagonally.

The same player serves in a match until the game has been won and in the next round the other player serves.

Balls must fall inside the lines or touch the lines at least, if the ball falls outside the line then the serve is considered a fault and the server gets another chance to serve.

Steps To Follow While Serving In Tennis

Some of the steps to follow while serving in tennis. The steps are as important as the tennis serving rules.

The stance

The grip

Loose, drop, swing up and pronation

Backswing and toss

Serve in two parts

The Power Move

Solve with the Follow-Through


With the sports industry flourishing, and many people preferring a career in sports, gives a whole new dimension to upcoming business and start-ups for manufacturing sports products. Not only that, many people are opting various sports like swimming, badminton, tennis for physical activity and yoga, meditation for mental health. The present sports industry is moving beyond cricket, leaving room for other sports to grow. This has given an opportunity for many small-scale industrialists to show interest in sports product manufacturing along with their gear and apparels. Thus, if you are learning how to play tennis then keep the steps and rules in your mind. Remembering these rules will boost up your learning process a lot. In order to play tennis correctly learn the techniques. Serving is very important in tennis.

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