Tennis Serve Rules For You To Know

tennis serve rules

Do you wish to be a tennis player? Do you feel like knowing each and every aspect of the game? If that is the case, then you should know about the tennis rules at first. The entire game is interesting, and you will have a fun time practicing it. It will not be a cakewalk for you, but knowing the rules will help you for sure. Tennis originated in England in the 19th century, and there are major tournaments that you can check out. Some of them are US Open, French Open, and the Australian Tournament.

Game Object-Tennis Serve Rules

A person throwing a ball

Tennis needs a rectangular court, which is quite similar to badminton- and there is a net in the middle. The game’s goal is to make sure that you hit the ball over the net and towards the opponent. The ball should be within the court’s margin, and the opponent should not be able to return the ball. You will get the point every time your opponent fails to return the ball. But if the ball that you send falls outside the court, then you will lose a point.

Equipment And Players

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When you are playing a tennis game, then you can play in the singles or doubles mode. A singles match comprises one player on either side, and a doubles match comprises two players on either side. In the doubles match, the player will have to use the outer tram line. The court can have surfaces like clay, hard layered surfaces, and even grass. Overall the surface should be comfortable for movement, and you will need other equipments like a racket and tennis ball.

Scoring System-Tennis Serve Rules

To win a game, you have to win a total of four points – they are namely 15, 30, and 40- and the last one is the winning point. If it is a 40-40 for both, then the result will be known as deuce. If there is a deuce scenario, then the player should be able to win by two points.

In order to win the game, you should be able to win a definite amount of sets, and the first player has to reach six games and be clear by two games at least. If the opponent wins by five games, then you should win the set by 7-5.

Basic Rules To Abide By

The game shall start with a coin toss to determine which side the player should start serving from. The serving will also go on for alternative sides, and the feet of the server must not move to the sides of the baseline. The receiver can stand at any point and receive the services as per their wish. Every point that you can have is from hitting the ball and returning it within the scoring areas.


It is important to know about the tennis serve rules even before you begin playing. There are various techniques of holding the racket and correctly serving the ball, so make sure you do that properly. Get a good trainer, and you can start with the process.

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