Tennis Tiebreak Rules – The Tennis Details You Should Know

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Tennis is an England-originated sport played between two teams of two players using equipment such as a racket, ball, and net. International federation is an international organization that determines rules, regulations, ranking, and tournaments related to sports. Players can not hit the ball twice with the racket, cannot catch the ball, and cannot touch the net with the racket while playing.

Tennis Tiebreak Rules – Types Of Tiebreaks  

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12 point tiebreaker- This tiebreaker is 12 points won as 7-5. If none of the teams get a win by two points, a 12 point tiebreaker occurs.

10 point tiebreaker- This type of tiebreaker occurs in the fifth set of men and the third set of women. It is also called a super tiebreaker. 

Tennis Tiebreak Rules – Rules Of Tie-Breaker In Tennis 

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For winning the Tiebreaker round, a two-point margin should be recruited. This means that for a team to win, the score should be two points more than the other team.

When the tiebreaker round begins, the player who received it during the game gets the advantage to serve first. The serve is taken from the deuce court. After the first serve, the second serve switches to the opponent team. 

There is no change of sides to begin a tiebreaker round.

It is mandatory to switch ends of the court when the sum of points is equal to six or in multiples of six in a tiebreaker round.

It is mandatory for the player serving the last game of a set before the tiebreaker, to serve the first game of another set. 

It is also required to switch positions after completion of one set of tiebreaker rounds.

After the finishing of the tiebreaker round, the score is always announced as 7-6 regardless of the actual score (It may be 7-0, 7-5, or 7-6). 

The team winning the tiebreaker wins the tiebreaker set.

Tennis Tiebreak Rules – Serves In A Double Tiebreaker 

The process of serving in a double tiebreaker game is complex due to the presence of four people meaning there are two players on each side of the court. Starting rule remains the same, the team that received will serve in the tiebreaker round. After the first serve, both teams are required to serve alternatively. The player, who did not serve in the previous round, is allowed to serve first in the tiebreaker round. One team serves on the deuce side and the other on the ad side. This pattern and the players serving keep alternating. 


Tennis is an excellent sport to increase heart rate, oxygen levels, improve muscle strength, and develop stamina. It’s a social sport that requires healthy competition. Breaking the tie matches needs a set of procedures to be followed. From serving to the declaration of points, many tiebreaker rules are applicable in Tennis sport. When you are playing extensive Sports like Tennis, you have to understand the rules and with such understanding, you will be able to frame your own strategies as you can see the top players do.

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