The 3 Biggest Tennis Records Of Open Era

The 3 Biggest Tennis Records of Open Era

The Open Era in tennis started in the year 1969. It marked the end of amateur-professional rivalry in tennis. The professional players were allowed to contest in important tournaments like the Grand Slam events. In the 50 years of this era, many great tennis records have been created and re-written. We look at the 3 most powerful records of these 50 years which will be scripted ion the tennis history books for a long time. 

Rod Laver’s Calendar Grand Slam In 1969

The 3 Biggest Tennis Records of Open Era
Image Credit – International Tennis Hall of Fame

Rod Laver of Australia is regarded as one of the best players in the history of tennis. He made a grand entry to start of the Open Era in tennis. In 1969, Laver went on to win all 4 slams in the same year. This is famously known as the Calendar Grand Slam. Laver had earlier done the same in 1962. He remains the only male player to win all 4 majors in the same years. This are one of the most powerful and long lasting tennis records of the Open Era.

Laver retired from the game with 11 Grand Slam titles. Had the amateur-professional controversy not prevented him playing for many years, the Australian legend would have made many other important tennis records. He is nicknamed as rocket and regarded as a great tennis player. 

Steffi Graf’s Golden Slam in 1988

Steffi Graf is regarded as one of the most complete tennis players. The German sensation won 22 slams in her illustrious career. In 1988 Graf did the unthinkable in modern day tennis. She won all 4 majors and the Olympic Gold medal in the same season. This is one of the most prolific Open Era tennis records, famously known as the Golden Slam. It gave Steffi the place among the greats of the game.

No male or female player in the Open Era has been able to repeat Graf’s Golden Slam achievement. It thus remains one of the unique tennis records that will surely stand the test of time. Graf is also the only tennis player to win at least each of the 4 slams at least 4 times in her singles career. 

Rafael Nadal’s 12 French Open Titles: Tennis Records

The 3 Biggest Tennis Records of Open Era
Image Credit – Gulf News

 No other player in the Open Era has dominated a single surface like Rafa Nadal on the red dirt. The Spaniard has created many massive tennis records on his beloved clay. Rafa has won the French Open an astonishing 12 times so far. He looks set for a few more titles in Paris before retiring from the game. The Spanish sensation has lost only twice at Roland Garros with the near impossible 93-2 win-loss record. This makes him the greatest clay-court player in tennis history.

Rafa also has also performed excellently in other big clay tournaments. He has won 11 titles at Monte Carlo, 9 in Rome and 11 in Barcelona. The Spaniard has set such records on clay that may never be touched. His performance at the French Open remains the hallmark of his illustrious career. His astounding tennis records on the red clay are some of the most difficult and historical achievements in not only the Open Era but tennis history in general.

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