The Impact Of Technology In Tennis

The Impact of technology on Tennis

Technology is influencing every area of our life and tennis no different. The impact of technology in tennis courts and play equipment is rapidly increasing. This is driving the wave of tennis innovation currently seen in unparalleled in the history of this sport.

From on-court technical innovations to smart player equipment, the game is truly getting revolutionized by the advent of technology.  This has added a competitive edge in the sport along with helping players to maintain fitness and prolong their careers. Let’s take a look at how the game of tennis is transforming with its tryst with technological innovations. 

Improving the Game

The Impact of technology in Tennis
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The advent of technology in tennis has been most apparent in the decision-making system. Imagine in the 1970s and 1980s if umpire decisions could be challenged and verified through any sort of tennis innovation. The fate of so many matches could have gone a different way. Today players can be given three unsuccessful challenge reviews which are then electronically monitored. The technology in tennis is thus making crucial decisions more accurate.

Ball machines and net machines are other facets which show the impact of technology in tennis. While net machines are the tennis innovation that ensures no service touching the net is missed. These machines at times overpower the umpire’s ability to keep track of the service shots hitting the net.

Portable ball machines help players to practice solo. They can be used indoors as well as outdoor. The technology in tennis also ensures players can adjust the speed and spin of balls thrown by the machines. Such tennis innovation makes practice not only regular but effective also. 

Another important advent of technology in tennis has been in the form of retractable roofs. Most big tennis stadium has put on these roofs. Such tennis innovation ensures that important matches are not discontinued due to rain and less visibility. Along with retractable roofs, indoor tennis stadiums are fitted with efficient lighting systems. This ensures indoor tennis is not only fun to play but matches every demand that outdoor matches in natural sunlight ensure. 

Technology in Tennis: Smart Player Equipments

The Impact of technology on Tennis
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 The tennis innovations have not only improved the on-court game dimensions but also assisted players in using better equipment. Today rackets are very light, have enormous impact potential and are accompanied by the most advanced strings. This reduces the player’s efforts while making their game efficient.

Smart performance trackers and wristbands are another important facet of technology in tennis. They ensure players maintain great fitness levels by measuring every relevant data. Fitness equipment used in the gym and other related exercises has also massively improved in the last couple of decades. The technology in tennis is far and wide and it is making the game better. 

Finally, another important tennis innovation is the match recording and relevant data processing. Players these days record their match performance and later on analyze strengths and weakness thus performing a SWOT analysis. This also helps them to not only know their own game better but also the opponent’s strengths and weakness. Thus this technology is helping the players draw their performance charts and strategies. It is simply aiding their success.

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