Tips For The Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis Tips

Many people play tennis for years to learn everything about the game. Some people play it from childhood and even after so many years of experience they still learn new things every day.

It is an incredible game and if you want some Platform Tennis Tips you can get it from an experienced person.

Here you will find some of the Platform Tennis Tips that will help in improving your game style. These suggestions are from some of the professional and experienced players so you can easily follow them and see the results on your own.

Perfecting Your Serves – Platform Tennis Tips

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The first and most important Platform Tennis Tips you have to learn is how to serve. When you serve, you have to make it in such a way that the opponent cannot drive it or mix it up. It’s important to mix up your return to prevent the opponent from getting into a rhythm.

The better the spin the tennis ball has the better it will be, to get a winning chance. It’s one of the things that will surely be helpful. You should always try to get to the court first and practice with a basket of balls.

Platform Tennis Tips- How To Return The Serve?

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Now that you have started to practice serving, you have to also consider how to return the serves. Well, it’s not something you should forget your opponent will also have some great service.

You have to ensure that you don’t give the point when they give a strong serve. You have to be quick on your feet to return properly.

Understanding The Backcourt Play

The backcourt play is also important Platform Tennis Tips. You have to make sure that you are patient and do the right thing.

When you are in doubt, you have to avoid driving regarding the tennis backcourt play. The different things that you will learn when you get coaching from an experienced player.

Improving The Net-Play

One of the things that most beginners might find challenging is to remain patient in the game of tennis. As you already know that if you lose your patients you will lose the point.

One point can turn into many points and it can lead to your loss. You have to cover your sides and ensure that you are ready to hit the ball from any angle.

General Platform Tennis Tips

At last, there are some general things for Platform Tennis Tips that you can consider. You have to understand that there are many more points that you will lose rather than winning.

Patience is one of the things that will always help you to stand above the rest of the players. You must never go up at the net as it won’t be advantageous.


These are some of the best Platform Tennis Tips that you can follow. It will surely help you to see a change in your overall game and style. Everyone can consider different things when it comes to tennis so you should certainly keep that in mind and look for new things to improve your style. You can also buy new equipment to ensure that you can focus on improving your overall training and style.

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