Backhand Tennis Tips- Tips For Working on Your Backhand Swings

Backhand Tennis Tips

For many players, one of the most frustrating aspects of playing tennis is hitting your ball off-target or with a slice. The ball may go over the net, but it will almost always end up in the wrong direction. This is why you need to use a little knowledge of tennis and of the backhand in particular. Here are some basic tennis tips to help you with your slice or off-target shot.

The Important Tips To Work On Backhand Swings

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It is important that you always keep your grip tight on your tennis ball. This will help to prevent any slippage, which can happen with the racket as well as with the wrist. When you are trying to swing, it will be more difficult for you to hit the ball with a firm grip. In fact, this is the main cause of a slice.

As your club head comes down and towards the ground, your wrists will be in a position that they are not ready to support your weight. If this is your case, try getting your wrists to turn out instead of in so that the weight of your body and the weight of the racket are evenly distributed.

When you are going to hit your tennis ball, you have to realize that you are not just swinging through the ball. You are swinging through the impact with the ground. By doing this, your wrist is going to be in a better position to support your weight, which will help you hit a solid, strong shot. Remember, even if you hit a great shot, you still have to make contact with the ground in order to put the ball in the net.

It Is Important To Watch The Body Posture

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Backhand shots can be difficult for many players because they are not used to watching their body move in this way. However, when you start watching your body movement on the court and when you learn how to apply a few basic tennis tips, you will be much better able to hit a backhand. The key to hitting a backhand is to remember that it is all about how you place your body. For example, try moving your body in a circular motion when you are coming down on the ball. The goal here is to bring your torso into the shot just enough to generate power without breaking your own body.

You should also be aware of your stance so that you can get the best angle on the ball to hit it with the least amount of force. When your shoulders are square and your hips are parallel to the ground, you will be able to get a stronger backing.

Once you have taken care of the basics, you will have to keep working on the basics while you are practicing your strokes to increase your consistency with your shots, and also on the strokes that you use to hit the ball. Just as you would practice in an actual tennis match, practice will help you get better at hitting the ball with less effort. This is one of the most important things to remember.

When you play a backhand shot, you should not be afraid to try new things in order to improve your backhand shot. There are many ways to use and tweak your swings.


One of the backhand tennis tips that you can apply to your swing is to rotate your wrists. This will help to add some speed to your backhand shot. You will also have to look at how your backhand shoulder comes out when you hit the ball. If your shoulders come out too early, your backhand will have a tendency to turn into the ball instead of going into the middle of it.

Also, you will need to try to get better at the angle in which you swing. As you get more experienced with your strokes, you will need to get a feel for when you are swinging through the ball correctly. Also, you will need to work on getting into the correct posture when you are swinging.

Another good backhand tennis tip is to use your racket head to get into the ball. By using this method, you will be able to do it faster, which will allow you to hit a better backhand shot. It is also a good way to work on the backhand stroke.

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