Tourna Grip XL: All You Need To Know

Tourna Grip XL

The new Tourna Grip XL are more than a rubber grip, and they are also made out of a different Tourna substance called an Ultra absorbent grip. These grips are incredibly absorbent and will keep your tennis racket handle dry and sweat-free even in the worst conditions. This one simply amazed many people and is a great choice to help protect your racket.

There are many great things about the Tourna Grip XL grips, but the two most important are that it protects the handle and that it absorbs up to eight times its weight in sweat. If you do have to wear something after using a racket, the grip can absorb up to three times its weight and still not cause any discomfort to you.

For example, if you were playing a golf tournament and pouring down rain, your grip would be able to soak up all the water before it could hit your hands. Imagine the difference between this grip absorbing all the water and then running over and wetting your hands. You’d probably break your rackets in a very short time.

It Is Extremely Breathable

Tourna grip XL and Ultra absorbent grip
Tourna Grip XL: All You Need To Know

Another great feature of the Tourna grip XL grip is that it is extremely breathable, meaning your hands stay dry even when you are sweating heavily. If your hands become sweaty because you are playing a hard court, or you are playing a tournament, you’ll notice that your hands and wrists are a little drier than they should be, or even they may seem a little clammy after sweating for a while. With the grip’s breathability, your hands will remain dry, which means that your body will be able to cool off, which helps keep you cool.

It Does Not Get Sticky

The next thing to know about the Tourna grip XL grip is that it does not get sticky like other grips. While you may be used to a certain amount of sticky grip, especially when playing with leather, it is non-sticky, making it a welcome change.

Another wonderful thing about the Tourna grip XL grip is that it allows you to grip the balls easier. When you have a little extra room between your index finger and ring finger on your hand, you can grip the ball easier without having to have your palms overlapping. This will help you when you are playing with the ball or trying to get your shots back.

Keeping Your Grip Dry

Overall, the Tourna grip XL is a great product because it will help keep your grip dry, absorb up to eight times its weight in sweat, and allow for easier gripping of the balls. It also has a non-slip grip surface, which will give you extra grip when holding your racket tightly for long periods.

The grip comes in a variety of colors, including a blue color. It looks fantastic, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and helps keep your racket dry.

playing a tournament using Tourna grip XL
Tourna Grip XL: All You Need To Know

Since the Tourna grip XL grip is made out of rubber, it will help prevent your racket from sliding across the court. This prevents the racket from getting stuck in the mud and helping keep your racket from getting dirty or smelly.

Another great feature of the Tourna grip XL grip is that it makes it possible for you to hold the racket in a way that helps you release the ball with a nice feel and sound. This will help you release the racket more easily while allowing you to get a good grip on the ball. This helps to improve your strokes and will also make the tennis court seem a little bit smoother.

Holding The Racket Slightly Tighter

You will find that if you use the Tourna grip XL grip, you will also find that you can hold the racket slightly tighter with your hands and wrists. This is a useful feature because it will help make sure that you are using your wrists the right way.

It will be worth the investment of the Tourna grip XL if you want to have more control over your strokes and have better control over your tennis strokes. This grip is also perfect if you are having problems with your forehand.

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