What Are The Preventive Measures Of Tennis Elbow

If you play any kind of racquet sport, you will know about this problem. Normally, it results due to the constant fatigue caused by swinging the bat concerned to any particular game. The tennis racquet is heavier than all the other racquet.

Hence, Tennis Elbow is mostly experienced by professional tennis players. Champions like Federer and Novak Djokovic take extra measures to keep the injury like Tennis Elbow in check. Let us look at some of the common techniques.

What Are The Preventive Measures Of Tennis Elbow
What Are The Preventive Measures Of Tennis Elbow

Causes – Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral Epicondylitis is the scientific name of the injury. As we know, one of the most common causes is vigorous practice. During one of the French Cup finals between Nadal and Federer, there was a play in which Nadal reached over his own limit and stretch to reach out for the ball. A lot of care must to taken to avoid Tennis Elbow else the tournament could be over in just a game.


Symptoms may fool you sometimes. If you just take it easy thinking that it may be small cramp and would get cured in just a matter of a few days, it may grow out to haunt you even more. So, do not delay if you find any loss in strength while holding the racquet. Also, the outer part of the hand will pain more than usual. Hence, symptoms must be immediately met with a consultation.

What Are The Preventive Measures Of Tennis Elbow
What Are The Preventive Measures Of Tennis Elbow

Ways Of Finding Out The Injury

Well, doctors have their own ways of examination. Let us look at the best way through which Tennis Elbow is found out.


This is one of the best ways. There is no chance of missing a tennis elbow. Sometimes, it can be mistaken for arthritis. But, X-Ray can eliminate just that.

MRI Scan

Most of the people who suffer the injury are prone to experience severe neck pain. The neck pains may result in the extension of pain to the elbow. If not immediately treated, it will be a full-blown tennis elbow.

How To Treat The Injury

Stretching Exercises

Anything related to elbow takes time. It is one of the most important parts of the body. Because arm exercises by rotating fingers and hands will result in the gradual recovery of the injury.

Therapy And Surgery

Sometimes the situation can get very serious. There are only two solutions to it. One, therapy. two, surgery. But, surgery may take more time to heal. Therapy is sometimes the most preferred way of curing tennis elbow.

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