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ihsaa tennis rules

The IHSA tennis rules is the most popular in the United States. The majority of schools have been learning the IHSA rules since it was introduced and this has allowed many to play on an IHSA approved server. IHSA rules are quite extensive in that they outline the fundamental rules that govern competitive play on a tennis court. This includes the fundamental set of strokes, serves, volleys, and returns.

Major Differences

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When looking at the IHSA rules, there are two primary differences from other rulesets. The first is that the point system is different from other sets in that the number of points that a player earns is directly tied to how many strokes he or she can make during a set. The second difference is that there is no net. This makes for more interesting matches as each player tries to get ahead and maintain their lead throughout the set. IHSA also uses a point system that is based on the player’s performance on each tourney including the local and regional championships.

IHSA rules has several benefits. For one, it provides a competitive playing environment that is similar to the ones that would be used on an actual competitive tour. Because the sets are very similar, players will be accustomed to the speed and direction of play. In addition, you can play on any level, from beginners to professionals, which allows players to test their skills on an even playing field.

Levels Of IHSA Rules

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There are three different levels of IHSA rules. Beginners have restrictions on strokes and serve speeds, but are allowed to play a full set against a clock. Intermediate play is a bit more relaxed with slower speeds and serving restrictions, but players may play a full set against the clock and use the net. Advanced players have full freedom of movement on the court and are not restricted by the IHSA rules.

There are some pro teams that play on an IHSA approved server set. This is great for IHSA certified coaches who want to coach their players. They will receive a certificate showing that they meet all of the requirements and will be able to coach their players. If your school or club is listed as an IHSA approved server set, then you should try to play against other IHSA certified teams. You can get all the information about your opponents, such as how many games they have played and in what countries, from your IHSA rules.


One of the best benefits of IHSA tennis ruleset is the educational benefit. Players learn how to handle the racket, the ball, their footwork, how to read the court, and more through a strict set of rules. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional tennis player or just a beginner. With so many skills needed for a successful game of tennis, having someone explain all of the relevant details is invaluable. You will also learn about proper swings and serves, footwork, and strokes.

IHSA rulesets for team play and recreational play are very detailed. They go into great detail, including rules on uniform attire, equipment, and how to maintain proper conditioning. Even the most minor detail can be used to teach a proper way to play and move on the court. If there are any problems or rules that need to be changed, coaches and team captains will be happy to make the necessary adjustments.


In addition to IHSA rules benefits, playing in a competitive setting will increase your competitiveness. If you or your children are having a hard time with another team in a tournament setting, it can help improve your skills by playing against those players. If you play regularly, you will develop a good work ethic that will be beneficial not only for your career but also for your lifestyle. So take the time to check out the IHSA rules and get started!

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