Wii Fit Tennis Tips – Everything That Can Contribute To A Fabulous Game

Nintendo completely transformed the gaming world in November of 2006 with the release of the Wii. Although the game was released over a decade ago and has become somewhat obsolete technology-wise, it has become somewhat of a novelty. The Wii has acquired the status of a vintage gaming console already. The Wii was the first main-stream affordable gaming console that made the revolutionary motion-sensing technology accessible to hundreds of thousands of people. This article includes tips and tips that you can use to be the best Wii-Sports tennis player that you can be.

Wii Fit Tennis Tips

A woman with a racket on a court

The most popular of the games that Nintendo offered on the Wii was the world of Wii Sports. Wii sports brought bowling, golf, baseball, boxing, and tennis – all to your living room. At the time, it was also marketed as a fitness tool for the stereotypically lazy gamer. Out of all that Wii sports had to offer, tennis and boxing became the most popular. In the Wii sports world, you even get to choose a cute avatar, called a Mii, which would be the screen you!

In a Wii game of tennis, you hold the motion controller in your hand just like a tennis racket and swing it to hit the ball that appears to be coming towards you on the screen. With the tricks and tips given below, you can transform into a Wii tennis pro.

Much like anything else, the best way to get better at Wii tennis is through practice. You can work on your swing, returning the ball, and targeting using the Wii Tennis training option.

More Wii Fit Tennis Tips

A person hitting a ball with a racket

Learn to serve! To hit a tough tennis serve, you have to get the ball when it’s at the peak of its momentum. This takes practice but is worth it!

The way you swing your racket also makes a difference. If you swing the remote early, the ball will swing left, and if late, it will go more towards the right.

You are hitting the ball on the networks as a great distraction to your opponent.

Safety And Spin

Be careful not to swing the ball when it is going out of bounds. Let the ball drop, and you will end up scoring a point.

You can control the spin on the tennis ball by jerking your wrist forward while hitting the ball. It an advanced skill, and try and practice it on Wii training first.

Play both sides! That’s right. You can be on both sides of the court by selecting the same Mii twice. Five-hundred and fifty words are too much for this topic.


Remember, at the end of the day, it is a game, and make sure not to get too invested in it. Have fun while playing. Always wear the Wii-mote safety strap to avoid flinging the controller right at your screen. It is important to buy the right set of essentials for the tennis game. The gaming experience gets better with worthy essentials. Happy gaming!

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